My Golden Milk

Golden Milk.jpg

Pondering what concoction I can experiment with while trying to introduce more healthy fats into my diet, I got creative, so here's my take on the golden milk latte or "haldi doodh" of India :

  • raw cows milk (our is Jersey, thick with cream from a local Missouri farmer)

  • turmeric (contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, and boosts body's antioxidant abilities)

  • cinnamon (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, regulates hormones, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)

  • raw butter (homemade from our Jersey milk)

  • dandy blend (an alternative to coffee with extracts of barley, rye, dandelion, chicory & beet roots)

  • cracked black pepper corns (helps the uptake of curcumin in the body, as do the butter & cream)

  • finally a pinch of Himalayan rock salt

That makes my gut happy!