Lydia Mallison-Jones
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You are Connected

made for connection

You are not alone

You are valuable. You are valued

You are loved

You are worthy of honor

You are home, a place of deep connection

You are in family

You are in community

You are safe & secure

You are connected


Heirloom Artworks to Honor Connection


Searching for Genuine Connection


Original Artworks

Experience connection

Do you desire connection with your family, in your marriage, and with your children?

Are you looking for connection within your community, with you neighbors, your friends and in your place of work & play?

Do you yearn to connect with the earth, the place you call home, and the places of your heritage, the land and nations where you hail from?

Do you long for a connection to your dearest companion through your common path of emotional pain & joy?

Are you seeking connection through physical touch, your bare feet in the grass, the hug of your friend, the embrace of your spouse, the wind in your hair, or the kiss of your lips on your child?

Do you pursue connection through your spiritual practices of meditation, mindfulness and your pursuit of inner health & wholeness?


heirloom artworks to PROVOke connection


Heirloom Art


Custom Art

Experience 'the journey'

We go on an adventure in conversation

You will reminisce with me your deepest connection, the one that makes you smile, the one that makes you laugh, and the one that might make you cry

The significant connection that made you who you are today

We record your emotions as we remember & celebrate your cherished connection

I then translate these emotions into a custom artwork on silk

Your precious connection displayed & honored within an heirloom artwork

We are all made to be in family, let’s connect and go on ‘The Journey’ together


Heirloom artworks to repair connection