Slow : The New Fast

Hoof Print.jpg

Oh, Captain Blue... 

My mentor & my balance. Slow of pace, gentle and meek. My journey alongside this magnificent creature has been nearly 5 years in the making. I would have never known. Horsemanship is not about 'owning' a horse. Who can own a creature? It is my privilege to take responsibility for his well-being and his health, to care for him, but I don't 'own' him. We journey together.

Being around a horse shouldn't be about domination and control, or at least it shouldn't be in my book. He is prey, his thoughts are always toward survival, to flight, and as a last resort fight with his hooves. His behavior is never 'wrong,' he's being himself, naturally hyper-vigilant, naturally responsive to perceived threats. I am the potential predator, we do not think alike, nor sense our environment alike.

My body language may send the wrong signals. Do I cause him to be triggered to flight? Does he think I am a threat because of the electricity I am giving off? Does the stress from some random life circumstance I am pondering come across as fear to him? Will he think there's a threat around us because of this 'perceived' fear? 

I choose to slow down and breathe. I choose to be the comfortable place for him. After all, we are not dissimilar, we are both seeking comfort and peace. Self-awareness, and self-control. Creating an environment within myself of peace in the present moment. Captain Blue lives in the moment. I should live in his moment. Sigh... breathe...