The Achilles

This week I was inspired to create a series of 4 paintings because of a friend's recent health journey. The rupturing of his right Achilles tendon and the subsequent surgery. Hearing that he was being readmitted to hospital with excruciating calf pain within 24 hours of surgery.

My first thoughts were, "Hmmm, his calf was bunched up for 8 days, then the tendon was reattached, crazy tight tension and the muscle must be knotted beyond what I can imagine... he'll need turmeric for swelling and magnesium powder as a muscle relaxant!" 

I then research and come across a great article recommending Vit C, Vit D3, Vit B6 and bone broth, that makes sense with all the collagen in it and the need for connective tissue regrowth / repair.

In the throws of artistic inspiration I thought of adding copper wiring to the tendon area of the painting as a sign of the sutured repair, and then thought, "What are the benefits of copper to the body?!" I come to find out that copper helps the body create collagen! Great - copper it is! 

Materials : Chinese habotai silk, dyes (ivory & fire red), rock salt, sea salt, vinegar, water, timber ash, turmeric, magnesium powder, resist, glue & copper wire

For reference I researched appropriate suturing methods and I imitated the Krackow Achilles repair