Orchid III - 2

Orchid III - 2


Original made with :

Chinese Habotai silk, dyes: charcoal grey, orchid, and forest green, additionally: dried orchid flowers from the genera phalaenopsis, commonly known as the moth orchid, neat resist, Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, silver leaf, ash, water, vinegar, soda ash & urea, glue, Damar resin & raw turpentine varnish.

Salts - antiseptic, balances blood sugars, anti-inflammatory etc.

Damar Resin - astringent, used to treat dysentery, diarrhea, & in ointments for skin diseases & ear infections.

Silver Leaf - antimicrobial, now being used in wound dressings & wash clothes, prior to the age of refrigeration in days gone by, to retard the process of raw milk turning to curds & whey, a silver coin was often placed in the jug of milk.

Orchidaceae - Dried orchid flowers are used as a medicinal tea by the Chinese, and the orchid plant has been shown to contain phytochemicals which provide anti-microbial, anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral activities.

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