Entwined I - Detail 3

Entwined I - Detail 3


Original made with :

Chinese Habotai silk, dyes: truffle brown, sage green & strong navy, additionally: whole crushed fresh mulberries, soaked & pressed sycamore bark, Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, copper thread, water, vinegar, soda ash, glue, Damar resin & raw turpentine varnish.

Mulberries - antioxidant, rich in iron, Vitamin C & fiber, unusually high in protein

American Sycamore Bark - Inner bark used for dysentery, colds, lung ailments, & measles. Outer bark has a laxative effect.

Copper - beneficial in fruit production & chlorophyll in plant leaves

Salts - antiseptic, balances blood sugars, anti-inflammatory etc.

Damar Resin - astringent, used to treat dysentery, diarrhea, & in ointments for skin diseases & ear infections.

Giclée print size : 8”wide x 10”high

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