Your custom art experience ‘The Journey’ will be a time of reflection and reminiscing, a time to value the special connections in your life. It will be a time of fun, and a time to look back & appreciate. It will be a time of processing emotions with fresh gratitude and perspective for the valued people in your story.

We will meet twice. These are moments to take stock. These are your connections.

We will talk to develop a genuine rapport, a growing of trust, and it’s a time to breathe. Taking time to value your connections is important. Holding on and staying connected takes courage, strength, and stamina. It often requires tough self-sacrificing choices. We will identify the special person or people in your life you want to celebrate, and with whom you are deeply connected. We'll take a walk in your mind, with your valued connection, finding the meaning, the threads of gold in the story so far, and record the preeminent emotions that surface when you remember and honor your valued connection.

I allow 90 minutes for our initial meeting, which can take place face-to-face, or online over a reliable face-to-face connection. Then its time to pause & breathe.

The second meeting will take place at least a week later, allowing your emotions to have percolated and settled. We will talk over the phone, removing visual distraction and create an environment to talk again about your valued connection.  I’ll ask questions and be listening to your heart-felt feelings, together uncovering the deeper feelings & emotions.

I allow 60 minutes for this second phone conversation.

Gathering my notes from these two meetings, I distill your emotions and translate them into an abstract mixed media artwork on silk. This custom artwork will be for the display & honor of your treasured connection.

Your artwork will then be framed. I hand craft the timber frames in my studio and each frame is tailored to the work. The frames are stained or painted with natural dyes & or finished with natural resins. I then sign & date the work on the rear of the frame, and complete with hooks and wire ready for hanging.

We will then arrange a time when you get to connect with your commissioned artwork. It will be my joy to introduce you both. Your art is ready to go home.  

Optional Extras

Afternoon Tea - If you live locally to Overland Park, Kansas you have the additional option of booking me for afternoon tea. A dainty cup of Earl Grey or Ceylon tea from a vintage English teapot and scones with fresh local Jersey whipped cream & strawberry jam at my house can be incorporated into your custom art experience of The Journey. We would add afternoon tea into our first 90-minute meeting for an additional $125

Meet Captain Blue - Again if you live locally you have the option of booking a time at the barn with me to take a walk in the pasture and spend some time connecting with the land and with my draft horse Captain Blue. Equine therapy is a beautiful key when it comes to unlocking the emotions of the heart. We would have our first 90-minute meeting & then schedule barn time in addition. This experience would need 2 hours at the barn and can be added for $250

Meeting Captain Blue is dependent on the seasons & the weather. The dead of winter in the Midwest is a little challenging, equally the height of the summer with its temperatures & humidity, but I’m flexible if you’re up for an adventure!    


The overall timeline is initially dependent on both our schedules.

We complete both meetings, as described above, allowing a 15-day window for the scheduling of both these appointments. In addition, please allow an extra week to the timeline if meeting Captain Blue. 

I then set about translating your emotional life experiences into your custom abstract artwork.

This process generally takes around 30 days for painting & completion of the art, depending on the size of the commission, the mixed media applications etc., and then a further 15 days for drying, framing & photography.

You should therefore realistically allow at least 60 days from the outset of the agreed commission to the full completion of the work, and then factor in shipping times for delivery, or collection from my studio.


'The Journey' commissions are each unique. First a decision is made on the space that the art is being created for, the appropriate size for that space is agreed and a mutually comfortable timeline for the production and delivery of the finished art is defined.  

A written agreement is then drawn up. The price for 'The Journey' being commissioned, is agreed up front and 50% payment is made prior to the commencement of any work. The remaining 50% payment is due on completion of the work prior to shipping.

Prices are exclusive of any travel requirements, sales taxes, packaging & shipping.   

‘The Journey’ commission starts at $2,000


Yes, non-commissioned originals are available for purchase and are catalogued here online in my shop. Prices are exclusive of sales taxes, packaging & shipping.

All of my artworks come framed, I hand craft the timber frames in my studio and the frames are tailored to my artwork. The frames are stained or painted with natural dyes & or finished with natural resins.

The framed artwork is complete with hooks and wire ready for hanging.


All of my original or commissioned artworks are accompanied by a dated & hand-signed Certificate of Title to guarantee the provenance of the work purchased.

These documents are required to establish the collectible and insurable value of the art. They will detail the original work, and include your contact information as the purchaser and owner.


Yes, I sell exclusive giclée prints.

Giclée describes fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. The word is a French term meaning sprayed ink. The prints are high resolution and are estimated to remain colorfast for 75 years.

Only print reproductions obtained through my studio are authentic, and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

You can view my catalogue of available originals & prints here in my shop.


All of my exclusive giclée prints are accompanied by a numbered, dated & hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity to authenticate the reproduction of my artwork.


My custom & original artwork is produced on differing weights & types of silk.

I paint using: pigments, tinctures, herbal teas & dyes, as well as rock & sea salt crystals, silver leaf, gold leaf, copper, silver & gold thread, zinc solder, vinegar, wine, crushed fruit, charcoal & ash, raw precious & semi-precious stone fragments, egg white, natural tree resins, animal hair, coffee grinds & essential oils.


My work is founded in abstract expressionism.

I fuse my knowledge of natural products & medicinal herbs, tinctures & medicines, gleaned from 25 years of personal life experience into an artwork on silk that is a display of health in connection.

Salts dissolve and recrystallize on my silks creating fractal patterns by osmosis. Fractals have a beneficial physiological effect on the human body, reducing stress by significant amounts upon observation. The art is embedded with peace.

I am continually extending my ‘health’ knowledge by studying frequency therapies, energy psychology, vibrational medicine, herbal dyes & electromagnetism. These studies inform my artwork and ‘The Journey’ for my clients as they honor connection.

My aim is to create artwork that is inherently ‘healthy’ in all its materials and form, as a declaration for healthy & whole connection.   


Your artwork is organic in many ways, the salts on and in the work will breathe and respond to the humidity of their environment. As such it would be wise to hang or store your art in a controlled environment.

The natural tree resins that I use to coat or partially coat the work provide some level of protection, these works are delicate in nature, the silks having a natural vulnerability that should be recognized and honored. Your connections should be honored and valued in the same way.  


I am an independent artist. I am not currently seeking outside representation.

My passion is to connect in person with my collectors, and galleries do not afford us this opportunity.

As such my work can only be viewed here online, via my social media channels, and in person at my studio.

Can you explain ‘©all rights reserved’?

Yes, it means that I am the sole legal owner of my intellectual property and that I reserve all of my rights. In broader terms it means that your ownership of a physical original painting does not constitute reproduction rights to that painting.

I do not license my intellectual property for reproduction. I hold the exclusive rights to each image that I create, whether painted, printed, drawn or photographed, and each image is registered with the US Library of Congress Copyright Office.

Reproduction is not permitted by Federal & International law, unless my prior written consent is given.

By honoring my rights and copyright law you are honoring my primary source of current & future income, you are valuing & honoring the health of my business. Thank you for making that choice.

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